Tired of reading about the clitoris? Nah, neither are we! There is so much to learn about this dope sex organ and it has been overlooked for far too long. Like, did you know that the clitoris has more than TWICE as many nerve endings as the penis?


After seeing how both medical journals and even artist portrayals of the female body ignored the clitoris, conceptual artist Sophia Wallace embarked on a quest to pull back the hood and reeducate our “ilciterate” culture through street art installations, performance art and sculpture. Her eye-opening work led to a partnership with The Huffington Post and the creation of “Cliteracy.”


“Cliteracy is dealing with the fact that half the population has an organ that’s been completely not only denied but has been attacked and removed in some cases. It’s been written out of history. It’s been medically ignored or even medically negated. So the project is looking at this aggressive attempt to really deny part of the body and it’s asking why,” says Wallace.


The multimedia project offers an in depth look at how the clitoris has been lost and found throughout history. It also addresses common myths and misinformation, what the clit really looks like and how embracing it can improve gender equity and sexual wellbeing.


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