About Us

The Tryst Network is a sex positive resource by global nonprofit WCG in collaboration with actress and activist, Jessica Biel. Our mission: To improve the sexual health IQ of women and their partners through fun, reliable and empowering online content.

We believe sex is natural, healthy and fun—with or without a partner. We also believe it’s totally cool if you’re not having sex. The problem: Our culture often treats sex as something bad or shameful. And we don’t talk enough about the stuff we actually need to know about our bodies, our pleasure and our partners.


Case in point: One study of U.S. college students found that almost 30 percent of women couldn’t locate the clitoris on a diagram. (What?!)

No more misinformation—or missed orgasms. With a judgement-free community and curated network of reliable resources, Tryst is dedicated to empowering you to make healthy, informed choices. From the newest science on sex to below-the-belt health questions, revealing first-person stories, and discussions about critical issues like consent and equality—no topic will be TMI or too taboo.

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