It isn’t easy being sex-positive when you’re surrounded by a culture that’s often sex-negative. It can also feel difficult to celebrate the joys of sex in the midst of painful revelations unearthed by the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements. But sex positivity is more than just cheering for hot sex and more orgasms (though those are great, too). It’s about normalizing conversations about our bodies and sexual pleasure, and confronting complex issues like consent and sexual coercion.


“Any cultural, societal shift where women feel more comfortable claiming agency over their own bodies and their sexuality is a move towards a more sex positive culture,” says Karley Sciortino, sex writer and host of Slutever in a story for Broadly.


The interview features some of our favorite sexperts on the state of sex positivity today, including how we should be approaching sex, combatting stigmas and letting go of sexual guilt. Their empowering insights just might become some of your daily mantras. Here, some of our faves:


“When we hide our sex narratives—sex narratives that most adults have by the way—we tell the world that sex is wrong … Why should we continue to make all of us feel really bad for something that’s so normal and feels so damn good?” – Ari Fitz, blogger and filmmaker


“Sex positivity includes unlearning the scripts of rape culture, misogyny, victim blaming, and slut shaming.” – Mia Li, president of the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee


“We have as much to gain by exploring sex and sluttiness and kink as we do from exploring any other aspects of our non-sexual lives like culture, film, books or a new job. I think new experiences and new people often enrich our lives and make us more complex, curious, empathetic people.” – Sciortino


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