Vulva or vagina – whatever word you used to describe your lady bits, most of us have wondered if what we see down there is “normal.” Is the color ok? What about the shape? Are my labia too short? Too long? And we all have a bad habit of comparing ourselves to others—which is especially problematic when there is little healthy frame of reference for our anatomy. Because despite all the worshipping of female bodies, our culture seems to have a strange aversion to talking about female genitalia, leaving pornography to set unrealistic standards for what’s normal or attractive.


Thankfully, the nonprofit Labia Library is here to help fix all that with a (NSFW) photo gallery of real vulvas that proves “just like any other part of the body, labia come in all shapes and sizes.”  The site also features honest advice and crucial facts, like these:



“About half of all women have labia minora that are longer than the labia majoria. There is a lot of variation in the size of the labia minora and a study in the International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology found that there is nothing unusual about having a labia minora that are longer than the labia majora.”



Check out the pics and their body positive message. It will kinda change your life.