One more reason spring-cleaning can bring you pleasure? How you and your partner divvy up housework affects your sex life. Research released in 2016 found that couples that share domestic tastes fairly equally have more sex and better sex than couples in relationships where one partner shouldered most of the load.


Now new data from the Council on Contemporary Families gives more weight to the idea. And it’s not just the division of labor that counts, its the kinds of chores couples share. The top libido killer for women: dirty dishes.


Women who do the vast majority of dishes themselves report more  conflict, less satisfaction and worse sex in their relationships than those who have partners that pitch in, according to Caroline Kitchener for The Atlantic.


Researchers suggest that it’s the ick factor of grime-y plates and, unlike cooking, washing dishes well rarely results in compliments. Unpopular tasks are also more likely to fall on women, reports Kitchener:


“Traditionally, women have shouldered full responsibility for chores that involve cleaning up after someone else: doing the laundry, cleaning the toilet, washing dishes.”


So how might sharing the dishwashing load improve your odds for intimacy? It takes collaboration:


“The nature of dishwashing encourages couples to stand in the kitchen together and work simultaneously until the job is done. That kind of teamwork, especially when practiced regularly, often makes partners feel more connected.”


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