Once you figure out the masturbation moves that get you off, it’s tempting to stick with what works. But sooner or later even a great self-love routine can become just that—routine. Who says solo sex can’t be as exciting and experimental as sex with a partner? Buzzfeed proves it can, tracking down some fresh tips from real women. One handy idea: Lie on your stomach and press against your vulva with the base of your thumb.


“My trick for 200% pleasurable masturbation may seem unconventional, but I’ve been doing it ever since I can remember and it’s W O N D E R F U L. You lie on your stomach on top of your arms. Then with one hand, you press your vulva with the base of your thumb. You can let your other hand help out, or you can just move your pelvis and enjoy the orgasm. I prefer doing this in panties. Depending on the fabric, it can be extra delicious.” – 18/female/heterosexual


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